Saturday, 2 December 2006

This BLW can be frustrating at times

Saturday 2nd December

I sat Baby G down for breakfast this morning, and gave him a banana and some prunes. He was obviously hungry as he wolfed them down, so I gave him another huge prune, and then a handful of tomatoes. They also dissappeared really quickly! In desperation I pulled out a piece of bread and offered a corner with the ever boring staple of a bit of philly on it! After half the slice of bead, I just cut chunks of philly off and offered them. Where it all went I have no idea!

For lunch I offered cauliflower in my homemade cheese sauce, and I made some cheese on toast. The only think eaten was the two dates I gave Baby G whilst I cooked the rest. It is incredibly frustrating to have your lovely baby look you in the eye, and without even attempting to eat anything, throw food straight onto the floor.

Honestly, I could just scream. I went to asda to buy some dinner, my card was refused so I used my last pennies to buy dinner for Baby G & I....and he throws most of it on the floor again. He ate the dates, but the apple he only nibbled at, even when I cooked it slightly so it was softer.

It makes me wonder if it is worth buying organic fruit & veg at this rate....I don't think my kitchen floor is really bothered either way!


Mel x

ps - I have no idea why I cannot write in my usual shade of purple today.

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