Saturday, 9 December 2006

Stinky Old Salmon - not good for a fish phobic!

Saturday 9th December

Poor DH nearly died at the price of the organic salmon fillets I bought whilst shopping, and he could be heard muttering "if he throws this on the floor....".

We pan fried it in butter, making sure it was cooked all the way through. Baby G LOVED it. typical.

I also tried to make a giant yorkshire, but it was like a big fried pancake. DH & Baby G ate it still! I make, slightly fishy, pancakes with the rest for Baby G tomorrow.

The house smells of fish, and I have felt quite queesy all day! Bleugh!!!


Mel x

ps - the rest of the days meals were much of a muchness. Got pears again, all thrown on the floor uneaten - in front of a muttering DH - thanks Baby G!!!!!!!

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