Friday, 15 December 2006

Poor Starved man - and oatibix

Friday 15th December.

DH had taken today off work, so Baby G got some daddy input into his meals. Breakfast was a (really delicious) cheesy omlette and two pears. The pears were really ripe, so great to be sucked to death! I couldn't believe how much he ate!

Lunch was rice cakes & hummous, grapes (whole!), dried apricots and some apple. He did really well with the whole grapes, and just crushed them with his gums. Dh is much braver than I am!!

In an attempt to keep Baby G's tummy full over night I tried him on a dry oatibix, thinking it was no dryer than a rusk etc. He threw this on the floor. DH tried dunking it in a bit off full fat milk, but this was also ignored! He also threw the melon straight on the floor, so all he ate was corgette slices and some philly from my finger - a good healthy meal then!!!

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