Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Not Hungry?

Wednesday 13th December.

Baby G has been off his food a bit today, I hope it is teething.

Breakfast would have been a non-starter except for the dates! Lunch was only really some toast & philly, as the tomatoes were largely ignored.

I don't actually think he ate any dinner at all, despite the offerings of salmon, pan fried apple & pear and new spud! The cat will eat well tonight - organic salmon!!

I have also pre-cooked tomorrows dinner.....a recipe I got from the food board on BC - it is beef & veg cooked for 4 hours in a bottle of red wine! I hope he likes it after all this effort. I was v upset cooking the beef, as I am a veggie - I even apologised to it - lol! I hope he is hungry tomorrow (but not all night!)


Mel x

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