Sunday, 31 December 2006

No new tooth - but lots of new fruit

New Years Eve 2006

I was wrong about the tooth, it is nearly through, but not quite! It is obviously v painful, as Baby G has struggled to eat quite a bit today.

He had strawberries for breakfast, and peaches & plums for lunch, which he seemed to like but struggle with.

I baked a sweet potato for his dinner, which was wolfed down in 5 mins! I offered a banana, which he also wolfed down. I finished off offering him some cherry tomatoes, which he picked at.

Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight so I can have a glass of wine - he must be tired after the three hours screaming fit last night!



Mel x

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Isabellasmum said...

Just been reading your blog after searching internet for info, highly impressesd. Isabella is 8 1/2 months old and I have been struggling with weaning, Ive pureed till I can puree no more, Annabel Karmel has alot to answer for. Was making a salad a few days and just decided to cut chunks of cucumber, tomato and pitta bread and I popped them on her tray and she ate them (well sucked them)and since then its been great. We had breakfast in bed this morning (not advisable crumbs every where) but she loves toast. Your blog is great have got plums, pears and cheese today. Hopefully she will love them too.

Love Amanda