Tuesday, 5 December 2006

The Naked Diner, Egg and Baked Butternut Squash

Tuesday 5th December

Well today has been a bit of a feeding frenzy! Breakfast was a whole banana, some mango, some prunes, dried apricots and a piece of toast! If he hasn't put on weight at the next weigh in I will scream!!!!

I got brave at lunch, and decided that as well as some more fried courgette I would try a boiled egg or two. The first I quartered, and Baby G ate them reasonably well, but a hard boiled yolk is quite crumbly, so for the second one I scooped out the yolk, mixed it with butter and spread it on a rice cake. This went down well, and 5 hours on there is no reaction, so I guess eggs are ok.

The draw back with the second way of serving eggs, is how messy this can be, this was the first day in months I have had to change Baby G in the day!

I have decided that if I serve eggs like this again, it will either be for dinner when dh can put him straight in the bath, or I will strip him down to his vest to eat - lol!

Another new taste for dinner. To go with the cheese and tomatoes (which Baby G loved today!!) I baked a butternut squash. I peeled & halved it, took out seeds, dobbed with butter and baked - no idea for how long (sorry!!!). Baby G LOVED it. I didn't cut it into chips, as it is quite squashy, I cut it into chunks. Baby G will not eat out of his palm, so this makes like a lot easier. Poor Baby G did get well and truely covered in it.

What a messy day - typically the day all the full body bibs are all in the wash!


Mel x

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