Monday, 4 December 2006

I don't like apple mummy, or gone off asparagus

Monday 4th December

Breakfast of a banana, some mango and dried apricots went down very well. The asparagus which looked and smelt okay wasn't very popular....and when I ate a bit I could see why! I will try again with some fresh stuff! eek!

The big news at breakfast was that Baby G ate sultanas - he picked them up and munched away on them....see what I meant about that pincer grip developing!!!

Lunch was a bit of a mixed bag. The toast, butter and philly (can babies have cholesterol problems?) went down well, as did some corgette sliced which I fried in a little butter. However, Baby G appears to dislike apple though. I am very upset as even I like these apples, and I usually am not a fan.

For dinner tonight I am baking a normal potato & a sweet potato....let's see how that goes down!

Well, Baby G seemed to love the baked sweet potato, which was delicious!! hmmmm ymmmmmm! I pulled the middle out of the spuds and gave him just that, He pulled the arsnic face, ut did eventually eat some.


Mel x

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