Friday, 1 December 2006

Eating out again - getting brave!

Friday 1st December

Crikey, how did it get to be December so soon????

Well, Baby G & I went to meet some of the lovely BC ladies this morning. As I know that once we get going, we chat for ages I thought it best to take 2 meals for Baby G out with me.

1st meal was easy - the staple standby of dates, some cheese & a steamed carrot.

2nd meal required some thought. I decided at the last min to make a cheese sauce to go with some pasta. In my usual disorganisation I still haven't bought and salt free butter, so I am afraid to say I made the sauce using slightly salted butter. I used whole milk (organic of course) and loads of the organic chesse I found the other day!

Baby G, seeing as he was sat on my knee ate meal 1 very well, and I think some pictures even got taken of him showing off his masterful eating, whilst presiding over the group at the head of the table - lol!!!! Whilst meal 2 also seemed to go down pretty well, I was not impressed when to thank me for such a lovely lunch he wiped cheese sauce covered fingers over my black top!!! Thanks Baby G!!!!!

I am going to try and give supper late again tonight after Baby G slept through to 6.30 this morning, especially as I am off out on a night out later. He is having roast sweet potato, parsnip & swede. I have no idea if swede can be roast, but I am giving it a go!!!

Edit - it appears swede can be roast, but Baby G is not keen. The sweet potato is a firm fave though, that saw gone in seconds. I didn't make my night out, and Baby G was up twice in the night! Typical.


Mel x

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