Sunday, 3 December 2006

Dried Apricots, Mango & scary nappies!!!

Sunday 3rd December

Well Baby G must have been waiting for the dried apricots, as they were being eaten at such a rate of knots....I could barely keep up. I was pulling them into half, and i am pretty sure they went down whole!

The mango, also for breakfast, also seemed quite popular. I hate the horrible stuff, but Baby G seems to think differently. It seemed stringy (is this right/normal???) and withstood a lot of sucking!!

After another trip to asda, lunch was toast & unsalted butter...pitta bread & philly & organic big tomatoes. The tomatoes weren't as popular as the cherry ones yesterday.

I have roast, in preperation for tonights dinner, a carrot, a parsnip, some swede & a sweet potato. The organic sweet potatoes are paler then usual, and look pretty yummy. Asda have started to spread out their organic stuff, so I missed a lot of it yesterday! I must look into a local veg box though, as most of this stuff is from brazil or other far flung locations - not great.

I almost forgot the scary nappies.....they are just mega mega full....and there is now 2 or 3 a day like this! This is another draw back of weaning your baby!


Mel xx

ps - I forgot to add, Baby G is now eating food out of his palm. I am still giving chip sized peices (roughly!!) and when he has eaten the sticky out bit, he opens his palm and eats that bit too! He is starting to go towards a pincer grip too....1st 2 fingers & thumb, but it is quite effective at getting him smaller bits of food he has dropped etc.

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