Thursday, 7 December 2006

Cheesy Baked Potato - Good. Linguini - Bad!!!!

Thursday 7th December

Baby cafe again, so easy to eat dried apricots, steamed carrot & tomato's were taken for breakfast. Baby G seems to like the tomatoes again. I remove the seeds and give him them cut into 6ths. He sucks the flesh off the skin. I like giving him these as he is still refusing all but the slightest sip of water!

Lunch was wonderful. I baked 1 normal sized spud for me, and 1 small one for Baby G. He snacked on some pineapple rings (in their own juice) while it cooled.

Baby G was joined for dinner by his girlie, and mummy gave him a silly dinner with which to try and impress her! The prunes went down well, but linguini is not a good thing to give a baby! I had broken it up, but not enough! He did suck off the homemade cheese sauce though.

As a standby I dug out some baked butternut squash, which also was soon demolished! I think in the end his girlfriend was impressed by his manly eating skills. lol


Mel x

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