Sunday, 31 December 2006

No new tooth - but lots of new fruit

New Years Eve 2006

I was wrong about the tooth, it is nearly through, but not quite! It is obviously v painful, as Baby G has struggled to eat quite a bit today.

He had strawberries for breakfast, and peaches & plums for lunch, which he seemed to like but struggle with.

I baked a sweet potato for his dinner, which was wolfed down in 5 mins! I offered a banana, which he also wolfed down. I finished off offering him some cherry tomatoes, which he picked at.

Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight so I can have a glass of wine - he must be tired after the three hours screaming fit last night!



Mel x

Saturday, 30 December 2006

Saturday 30th December

Another huge breakfast of half a mango, a slice of toast & butter a date and some dried apricots - all eaten with the aid of what appears to be Baby G's new tooth!!!!!!!

Lunch was a carrot left over from yesterday, a banana and some apricots.

Grandpa supervised dinner, which was 1/2 an oatibix (on a spoon, naughty grandpa) 2 big dates, and the other half of the mango - so a whole mango in one day!!!!! OMG!


Mel x

Friday, 29 December 2006

Ham Omlette

Friday 29th December

Baby G had banana & half a mango for breakfast, I tried to give him some sultanas but he swept them onto the floor!

DH did his lunch & made him a 2 egg ham omlette, and then gave him some dates & prunes too. It ended up being quite a big meal - Baby G even managed to drink water out of his froggy cup (an Ikea one we were given, with an open spout iykwim).

I tried him on an oatibix for dinner, but he refused it...and a carrot & an apricot. I decided not to force the issue, especially as he had such a big lunch. I hope this doesn't mean tonight will be awful.


Mel x

Wednesday, 27 December 2006

how many eggs in an omlette?

Wednesday 27th December

Baby G had a breakfast of dried fruits (prunes, dates, apricots) and a slice of brown toast.

He then had a sort of late lunch / early dinner of a THREE egg omlette with a load of edam grated into it! He finished eating it at about 4, and he usually has dinner at 5, so we decided to skip dinner (except for a bit of fresh pineapple). I hope this won't mean he is up all night starving - fingers crossed.


Mel x

Oatibix and ripe Mango

Tuesday 26th December

Yes - together! I found that, as with other not too popular fruit, when Baby G was given some ripe mango, he ate it. A full half a mango! He also had an oatibix with some full fat milk, just enough to make it soft but not too squishy. It went in quite well tbh!

Breakfast had been bananas & dried fruit, and for lunch he had a huge amount of butternut squash - which we think could be his new favourite!

All in all he had loads to eat today - we must have been starving him the last day or so - so much for my excellent Christmas dinner - lol.


Mel x

Tuesday, 26 December 2006

A Full Christmas Dinner

Monday 25th December

Poor Baby G just had some bread for breakfast sitting on Grandpa's knee whilst we tried to open att the presents before it was boxing day! I know it is a bit naughty, but i knew he would have a good dinner.

Gran sat with him whilst he had lunch of a banana, dates & cherry tomatoes.

Again though, Baby G sat with us to eat Christmas dinner. He had bread roll to start, then turkey, carrot, parsnip, brocolli, cauliflower, roast spuds & sprouts! He treated sprouts as some form of arsnic and spat them out! I even dipped my finger in a bit of cream for dessert. He couldn't have any Christmas pud, as we had managed a very dramatic flame, and as such it was well doused in brandy!!

Happy Christmas Baby G


Mel x

Christmas Eve or Peppered Steak & Chips!!

Sunday 24th December

Breakfast & lunch are long forgotten i'm afraid to say, but I can share how nice our Christmas eve meal was. Baby G sat at the table with us, and munched on a fresh bread roll whilst we all ate our starters.

DH had made steak, home made fat chips & green beans for everyone else, and I had some chicken. Baby G had a bit of everything, but did seem to like the chips best (what did I say about the Irish genes???). He even ate (or at least chewed) the peppered steak - a well done bit of course.

What was nice though was to have him sat with us at the table joining in with a nice family meal.


Mel x

Thursday, 21 December 2006

Roasties & Dates

Thursday 21st December

Grandpa bought Baby G sime dates & prunes, massive ones which he seemed to like. They were part of his dinner so he didn't eat too much.

Breakfast was massive though, a piece of toast, a whole banana and some prunes. For lunch he had most of a whole roast sweet potato, most a big roast parsnip and a small roast spud. He seems to be bf less during the day too.

I have a HUGE christmas delivery from Tesco coming tonight, with lots of goodies for Baby G too....


Mel x

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Nothing new or exciting!

Wednesday 20th December

Baby G's Gran & Grandpa arrived on saturday, and things have been mad busy since then so I haven't been very good at updating my blog!

Baby G has been showing off his excellent eating skills for them, and has been eating quite a lot....but hasn't had anything new really, so there has been little to report!

I have discovered though that Baby G likes most of what he has been offered before when it is so ripe it looks hideous (I eat all fruit very under ripe). He even ate avacado with enthusiasm today!

A new delivery of stuff arrives from Tesco tomorrow, so I will try and keep more up to date after that!


Mel x

Sunday, 17 December 2006

Pasta & Sauce - or an Oompa Loompa for dinner!

Saturday 16th December.

Baby G had nothing new for breakfast & lunch, but wasn't impressed with the brocolli I tried for lunch. I decided to chop it up and mix it into a homemade pasta sauce.

The sauce was quite simple, shallot, garlic can of tomatoes, tomato puree, frozen peas, celery, the brocolli & some dried basil. I coked it all, then wizzed it all slightly so it would stick to the pasta. Baby G loved it, but he covered his face in it, and turned orange from the eyebrows down!

I am a bit concerned though that Baby G is missing iron from his diet though......

He also gave the spoon a good suck!


Mel x

Friday, 15 December 2006

Poor Starved man - and oatibix

Friday 15th December.

DH had taken today off work, so Baby G got some daddy input into his meals. Breakfast was a (really delicious) cheesy omlette and two pears. The pears were really ripe, so great to be sucked to death! I couldn't believe how much he ate!

Lunch was rice cakes & hummous, grapes (whole!), dried apricots and some apple. He did really well with the whole grapes, and just crushed them with his gums. Dh is much braver than I am!!

In an attempt to keep Baby G's tummy full over night I tried him on a dry oatibix, thinking it was no dryer than a rusk etc. He threw this on the floor. DH tried dunking it in a bit off full fat milk, but this was also ignored! He also threw the melon straight on the floor, so all he ate was corgette slices and some philly from my finger - a good healthy meal then!!!

Thursday, 14 December 2006

Bad mummy & Beef in red wine

Thursday 14th December

bad mummy managed to turn up at the baby cafe Christmas party with no food for Baby G! Luckily the other mums had bought BLW friendly food with them, so Baby G had a breakfast of a bit of croissant, some pizza & a breadstick.

Lunch was the poor beef in red wine I made yesterday, which dh helped him with. I am not sure how much beef got eaten, but he seemed to eat all the veg. DH said i had gone a bit mad on the herbs though! The casserole did lunch today, and 5 more meals, so a bargain really!

Dinner was toast, banana & prunes! Yum!


Mel x

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Not Hungry?

Wednesday 13th December.

Baby G has been off his food a bit today, I hope it is teething.

Breakfast would have been a non-starter except for the dates! Lunch was only really some toast & philly, as the tomatoes were largely ignored.

I don't actually think he ate any dinner at all, despite the offerings of salmon, pan fried apple & pear and new spud! The cat will eat well tonight - organic salmon!!

I have also pre-cooked tomorrows dinner.....a recipe I got from the food board on BC - it is beef & veg cooked for 4 hours in a bottle of red wine! I hope he likes it after all this effort. I was v upset cooking the beef, as I am a veggie - I even apologised to it - lol! I hope he is hungry tomorrow (but not all night!)


Mel x

Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Finally, a way to get an apple eaten!

Tuesday 11th December

I found that a little bit of melon got eaten, along with the rest of brekkie as I cut it into lumps not chips, Baby G seems to prefer these at the mo.

In desperation to use up the lovely organic apples Baby G hates, I pan fried them in butter - and he ate it all! And some pan fried pear too! Finally, a way to make fruit fattening!

He rejected almost all of his supper, but it was late as we had been to aqua babies! Of course it was the other salmon fillet dh moaned about, so it is in the fridge for tomorrow. The house stinks of evil fish too - bleugh!


Mel x

ps - if anyone reads this ever, please do leave me a message!!!

Monday, 11 December 2006


Monday 11th December

Baby G had melon for breakfast, along with grapes and something which I have forgotten already! He seemed totally unimpressed tbh.

Lunch was a baked sweet potato, which he loved. I also gave him a pitta bread with hummous inside, which also seemed to go down a treat!

I roast a carrot, a parsnip & some butternut squash for dinner.......I feel that today has been suitably carb packed to make up for the mostly missed meal yesterday. Baby G has also slept much more today.....lets hope it carries on tonight.


Mel x


Sunday 10th December

Dh gave Baby G grapes as part of his breakfast this morning. They were apparently quite slippery so he cut grips into them - lol!

We met friends for lunch, and Baby G didn't eat much of his lunch, so was starving when we got home. He ate all his left over lunch & the pancakes I made on saturday.

A not very exciting BLW day really.


Mel x

Saturday, 9 December 2006

Stinky Old Salmon - not good for a fish phobic!

Saturday 9th December

Poor DH nearly died at the price of the organic salmon fillets I bought whilst shopping, and he could be heard muttering "if he throws this on the floor....".

We pan fried it in butter, making sure it was cooked all the way through. Baby G LOVED it. typical.

I also tried to make a giant yorkshire, but it was like a big fried pancake. DH & Baby G ate it still! I make, slightly fishy, pancakes with the rest for Baby G tomorrow.

The house smells of fish, and I have felt quite queesy all day! Bleugh!!!


Mel x

ps - the rest of the days meals were much of a muchness. Got pears again, all thrown on the floor uneaten - in front of a muttering DH - thanks Baby G!!!!!!!

This time I really mean eating out!!!

Friday 8th December.

Poor Baby G missed his breakfast today whilst I ran like a lunatic round Manchester trying to complete my Christmas shopping! He screamed blue murder as a result.

He had his breakfast for lunch instead, fryed courgette (in butter), apricots and a tomato...but he was so hungry I added in a slice of brown toast with butter & philly. I learned that when they say don't give brown bread with bits in, they mean it! Poor Baby G.

More Christmas shopping in the afternoon, and we decided to eat out as a treat. We went to Croma in Chorlton, and ordered Baby G a margerita pizza from the kids menu. He seemed to love it...but I don't think the restraunt liked us so much. No bibs, so we used one of their linen napkins! The place was covered in tomato sauce! Before everyone thinks I am a terrible parent, it isn't a processed gloop pizza, it is nice fresh pizza & sauce, italian style.

Dh had mascarpone with his dessert, which I thought I would try Baby G with. I put some on my finger and held the finger out to him. He grabbed it & put it in his mouth - and loved it!!!

Feel v brave now, and v proud of Baby G!!!


Mel x

Thursday, 7 December 2006

Cheesy Baked Potato - Good. Linguini - Bad!!!!

Thursday 7th December

Baby cafe again, so easy to eat dried apricots, steamed carrot & tomato's were taken for breakfast. Baby G seems to like the tomatoes again. I remove the seeds and give him them cut into 6ths. He sucks the flesh off the skin. I like giving him these as he is still refusing all but the slightest sip of water!

Lunch was wonderful. I baked 1 normal sized spud for me, and 1 small one for Baby G. He snacked on some pineapple rings (in their own juice) while it cooled.

Baby G was joined for dinner by his girlie, and mummy gave him a silly dinner with which to try and impress her! The prunes went down well, but linguini is not a good thing to give a baby! I had broken it up, but not enough! He did suck off the homemade cheese sauce though.

As a standby I dug out some baked butternut squash, which also was soon demolished! I think in the end his girlfriend was impressed by his manly eating skills. lol


Mel x


Wednesday 6th December

My baby is no longer a veggie!!!! He had a piece of chicken for dinner which I had cooked the evening before just wrapped in foil in the oven. I put a knob of butter & 2 garlic cloves in there whilst cooking.

Not sure Baby G was overly impressed, but he did seem to eat some.

The other meals were all made of things Baby G has had before, and as I am late writing this post I can no longer remember what he had!


Mel x

Tuesday, 5 December 2006

The Naked Diner, Egg and Baked Butternut Squash

Tuesday 5th December

Well today has been a bit of a feeding frenzy! Breakfast was a whole banana, some mango, some prunes, dried apricots and a piece of toast! If he hasn't put on weight at the next weigh in I will scream!!!!

I got brave at lunch, and decided that as well as some more fried courgette I would try a boiled egg or two. The first I quartered, and Baby G ate them reasonably well, but a hard boiled yolk is quite crumbly, so for the second one I scooped out the yolk, mixed it with butter and spread it on a rice cake. This went down well, and 5 hours on there is no reaction, so I guess eggs are ok.

The draw back with the second way of serving eggs, is how messy this can be, this was the first day in months I have had to change Baby G in the day!

I have decided that if I serve eggs like this again, it will either be for dinner when dh can put him straight in the bath, or I will strip him down to his vest to eat - lol!

Another new taste for dinner. To go with the cheese and tomatoes (which Baby G loved today!!) I baked a butternut squash. I peeled & halved it, took out seeds, dobbed with butter and baked - no idea for how long (sorry!!!). Baby G LOVED it. I didn't cut it into chips, as it is quite squashy, I cut it into chunks. Baby G will not eat out of his palm, so this makes like a lot easier. Poor Baby G did get well and truely covered in it.

What a messy day - typically the day all the full body bibs are all in the wash!


Mel x

Monday, 4 December 2006

I don't like apple mummy, or gone off asparagus

Monday 4th December

Breakfast of a banana, some mango and dried apricots went down very well. The asparagus which looked and smelt okay wasn't very popular....and when I ate a bit I could see why! I will try again with some fresh stuff! eek!

The big news at breakfast was that Baby G ate sultanas - he picked them up and munched away on them....see what I meant about that pincer grip developing!!!

Lunch was a bit of a mixed bag. The toast, butter and philly (can babies have cholesterol problems?) went down well, as did some corgette sliced which I fried in a little butter. However, Baby G appears to dislike apple though. I am very upset as even I like these apples, and I usually am not a fan.

For dinner tonight I am baking a normal potato & a sweet potato....let's see how that goes down!

Well, Baby G seemed to love the baked sweet potato, which was delicious!! hmmmm ymmmmmm! I pulled the middle out of the spuds and gave him just that, He pulled the arsnic face, ut did eventually eat some.


Mel x

Sunday, 3 December 2006

Dried Apricots, Mango & scary nappies!!!

Sunday 3rd December

Well Baby G must have been waiting for the dried apricots, as they were being eaten at such a rate of knots....I could barely keep up. I was pulling them into half, and i am pretty sure they went down whole!

The mango, also for breakfast, also seemed quite popular. I hate the horrible stuff, but Baby G seems to think differently. It seemed stringy (is this right/normal???) and withstood a lot of sucking!!

After another trip to asda, lunch was toast & unsalted butter...pitta bread & philly & organic big tomatoes. The tomatoes weren't as popular as the cherry ones yesterday.

I have roast, in preperation for tonights dinner, a carrot, a parsnip, some swede & a sweet potato. The organic sweet potatoes are paler then usual, and look pretty yummy. Asda have started to spread out their organic stuff, so I missed a lot of it yesterday! I must look into a local veg box though, as most of this stuff is from brazil or other far flung locations - not great.

I almost forgot the scary nappies.....they are just mega mega full....and there is now 2 or 3 a day like this! This is another draw back of weaning your baby!


Mel xx

ps - I forgot to add, Baby G is now eating food out of his palm. I am still giving chip sized peices (roughly!!) and when he has eaten the sticky out bit, he opens his palm and eats that bit too! He is starting to go towards a pincer grip too....1st 2 fingers & thumb, but it is quite effective at getting him smaller bits of food he has dropped etc.

Saturday, 2 December 2006

This BLW can be frustrating at times

Saturday 2nd December

I sat Baby G down for breakfast this morning, and gave him a banana and some prunes. He was obviously hungry as he wolfed them down, so I gave him another huge prune, and then a handful of tomatoes. They also dissappeared really quickly! In desperation I pulled out a piece of bread and offered a corner with the ever boring staple of a bit of philly on it! After half the slice of bead, I just cut chunks of philly off and offered them. Where it all went I have no idea!

For lunch I offered cauliflower in my homemade cheese sauce, and I made some cheese on toast. The only think eaten was the two dates I gave Baby G whilst I cooked the rest. It is incredibly frustrating to have your lovely baby look you in the eye, and without even attempting to eat anything, throw food straight onto the floor.

Honestly, I could just scream. I went to asda to buy some dinner, my card was refused so I used my last pennies to buy dinner for Baby G & I....and he throws most of it on the floor again. He ate the dates, but the apple he only nibbled at, even when I cooked it slightly so it was softer.

It makes me wonder if it is worth buying organic fruit & veg at this rate....I don't think my kitchen floor is really bothered either way!


Mel x

ps - I have no idea why I cannot write in my usual shade of purple today.

Friday, 1 December 2006

Eating out again - getting brave!

Friday 1st December

Crikey, how did it get to be December so soon????

Well, Baby G & I went to meet some of the lovely BC ladies this morning. As I know that once we get going, we chat for ages I thought it best to take 2 meals for Baby G out with me.

1st meal was easy - the staple standby of dates, some cheese & a steamed carrot.

2nd meal required some thought. I decided at the last min to make a cheese sauce to go with some pasta. In my usual disorganisation I still haven't bought and salt free butter, so I am afraid to say I made the sauce using slightly salted butter. I used whole milk (organic of course) and loads of the organic chesse I found the other day!

Baby G, seeing as he was sat on my knee ate meal 1 very well, and I think some pictures even got taken of him showing off his masterful eating, whilst presiding over the group at the head of the table - lol!!!! Whilst meal 2 also seemed to go down pretty well, I was not impressed when to thank me for such a lovely lunch he wiped cheese sauce covered fingers over my black top!!! Thanks Baby G!!!!!

I am going to try and give supper late again tonight after Baby G slept through to 6.30 this morning, especially as I am off out on a night out later. He is having roast sweet potato, parsnip & swede. I have no idea if swede can be roast, but I am giving it a go!!!

Edit - it appears swede can be roast, but Baby G is not keen. The sweet potato is a firm fave though, that saw gone in seconds. I didn't make my night out, and Baby G was up twice in the night! Typical.


Mel x