Tuesday, 28 November 2006

Toast & Philadelphia

Monday 27th November

It was Baby G's hospital appointment today. As well as that worry, came the new worry as to what to bring food wise for him to eat, and how to manage BLW out & about somewhere with no highchair etc! In the end I took a date 1/4'd, a steamed carrot & some rice cake. We didn't eat out in the end.

Baby G has put on 10oz in the last 2 weeks, which I think is excellent & is proof that BLW works as a way of feeding your baby! The paed was not concerned by BLW as a concept and was impressed that Baby G could eat so much so well!

Whilst we are waiting for a unine test result, we do not have to go back to see the pead for 10 weeks. She wants to assess him when he has eaten more! She has agreed that my plan of feeding Baby G on "fattening" foods is the way to go, so on the way home dh & I bought cheese, philly & more veggies to roast for him!

He had his first toast & full fat Philly tonight, with carrots and seemed to love it. Whilst some of the Philly gets wiped off on his face as he tries to get the toast in his mouth, he seems to eat quite a bit of it too!

fingers crossed he continues to put on weight like he has this last two weeks!


Mel x

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