Sunday, 19 November 2006

Sunday Roast & Hummous

Sunday 19th November

We started today with Hummous (shop bought) on rice cakes. This is I think the messiest thing Baby G has had so far, and the pictures of it all over his face & head will soon be on their way to Gran!

As that had been the new taste of today, I decided to stick with tried and tested things for supper. We were having a roast, so Baby G had roast spuds (no salt added & roast in olive oil) and a couple of bits of roast carrot done in the same oil. There was some garlic cloves & rosemary from the garden in the oil too (yummy). We had parspins & carrots done in honey, and dh was very suprised to learn Baby G couldn't have that for risk of botulism!

Obviously it was the way I had cooked these two previously which caused them to be treated with suspicion, as today they were wolfed down. The spud in particular was sucked from the skin - with big smiles on his face!

It was lovely to be able to sit and eat together.


Mel x


Heidi said...

Sounds like a yummy tea for G (and Mum and Dad!).

We just

Heidi said...

*sigh* Let's try this again!

Sounds like a yummy tea for you all - today was our first food for C! I had some mango chunks from our favourite grocery store, aka Asda, and gave him one - it was too hard for him to really chew (on purpose) but he sucked at it for a couple of minutes with some interest (and a perplexed look on his face) before dropping it in favour of a teether.