Monday, 13 November 2006

The Start!!!

I cannot remember how I first found out about BLW, but when I read through the Rapley documents on her research it just seemed to make perfect sense to me.

I was dreading the prospect of chopping, wizzing, cooking, freezing, defrosting etc etc etc which seems to go with "conventional" weaning. I also didn't feel at ease with the idea of spooning gloop into baby G's mouth, when he has previously chosen how much he eats. BLW seemed the perfect answer.

I knew too that I would wait until baby G could sit unaided in his high chair before I began to wean him, and I had hoped to wait to reach the "26 weeks excl bf" mark. At 24 weeks however, i felt that I had to give in on the latter. Baby G, whilst reaching all of his developmental milestones, and exceeding loads, was a skinny little thing! We had been referred to the hospital for his weight, and I was now being actively encouraged to give him baby rice.

I have often heard baby rice described as resembling wall paper paste, both in taste, appearance & nutritional value! I have not bought any, so have no direct experience.

I decided not to do thism nut that I would present baby G with the required chip shaped bits of fruit & veg, and see what he did. I re-visited the Rapley docs and found in the original experiment babies had been presented with food in this way from 18 weeks, eating when developmentally ready to do so. I figured if he was ready, baby G would eat, if not....then you get the picture. I felt this was a good compromise between the two opposing camps - you may say it was me giving in, but it is hard to be a new mum with what feels like the whole of the medical profession backing up against you - and this is before we get within sniffing distance of the hospital!

So we are off.......

This blog is here, as I have said, to serve as a record for how I went about things. As I have also mentioned there is one really excellent blog already out there, which I have read through extensively already. My thinking in starting this, is not to compete....but to add another voice to the chorus. There is so little information out there imo about BLW, that any new bit can surely only help - especially when you are made to feel like a crazy woman for not buying everything annabella karmel has ever written & endorsed and pureeing everything in site!



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jacqm said...

i have just begun BLW with my 6 month old, stella. i was so happy to come across your blog because you are right, there is hardly any info out there! anyways, thank you for your records - this is very exciting to follow!