Sunday, 26 November 2006

Prunes & Birthday Parties

As we are still struggling to have a poo, and to get Baby G to drink out of a cup, dh was yet again dispatched to the shop to get dried prunes.

Whilst we didn't give him a lot to eat at all today, he had 2 or 3 prunes, and a couple of dates in the hope of getting him going again!

It was baby G's half birthday party today. He is not actually half until wednesday, but Gran is over from Germany so we had the party today. He got some lovely presents..... a table mat which seems great for BLW, a doidy cup, a duck for the bath from mummy & daddy. Gran got him some winter boots with fur trims, a sucker mat for when we start with a bowl and another giraffe toy. Grandma & Grandad bought a pair of shoes and an outfit.

On a non-BLW issue, I made the most delicious cake I have ever made! I will try and attach a picture. It was a chocolate cake, with chunks of cadbury's chocolate in the cake with a cream sandwich & chocolate icing on the top. I managed to ice 1/2 on the top too! (have to add the pictures later, cannot download them from mum's camera!)


Mel x

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