Wednesday, 29 November 2006


Wednesday 29th November


Following a recent trend today I again went a bit crazy! After his morning feed, I sat baby G down to feed him, and only when he had a banana & some prunes in front of him did I realise I usually don't feed him until later!

For his, earlier than usual, lunch I gave him some pitta bread with philly, which went down a treat! I went to give him some chunks of cheese too, and discovered that dh had used all his cheese on our pasta last night, ignoring the mega block of cheese for us in the fridge! Still a trip to asda turned up the organic cheese I had wanted to get for Baby G in the first place, so I guess it was okay in the end!!!!!

Dinner was a carrot, 3 dates and then some pasta with philly stirred with a clove of garlic. The dates dissappeared in a matter of seconds, and the carrot got eaten quite well. The pasta was sucked a lot, and I think a couple of bits were eaten. I will try again with a better thought out sauce next time!


Mel x

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