Monday, 20 November 2006

Kiwi & eating out

Monday 20th November

Following a visit to the dentist I decided to have a wander round town. This meant having to feed Baby G out & about. Of course, being super mum I had no food or bibs with me. The bib problem was sorted following a visit to primark. I decided to go into Debenhams as I know they are bf friendly & sell fruit. I got Baby G a pear (his favourite & not too messy). He threw this on the floor after a couple of sucks to each bit! Glad I bothered!!!

He had Kiwi for tea. This is not going to be repeated for a bit. This is the closest we have come to choking. DH says it is because it was slippery, and so the chunks Baby G had were being sucked down whole! He ate nearly a whole kiwi though, so was not too bothered by this!!! He then polished off a whole banana!

This boy had best have put on weight when I next get him weighed!


Mel x

I have just checked back on a BC post I put on about Kiwi fruit & am now in a panic! It appears that Kiwi is an allergen & 40% of kids given kiwi suffer severe allergic reactions. I am now going to phone NHS Direct! I am sooooo pleased I found this out when Baby G is in bed alseep, just so I get to panic all night. Wonderful


Velvetsteph said...

Hurray for Primark!

Will hold off on kiwi for a while then...

Hannah Banana said...

hun, i wouldn't worry too much just don't give it again as allergies build up iykwim! he'll be fine.