Tuesday, 28 November 2006

How many meals????? And 2 new tastes!!

Tuesday 28th November

I was planning to keep going with 2 meals a day this week, but Baby G seems to have other ideas! He was so grumpy when I put him in his high chair that I decided to offer him a date to snack on. That was gone so quickly I gave him another. Four dates and a banana later I guess we are upping him food intake!

For lunch I roast some Veggies, sweet potato, carrot & parsnip. My thought was to cook extra and what he didn't have for lunch he could have for dinner. But there was NOTHING left!!!! Where is all this food going? I think he must have listened to the Paed when she said feed him up, and he is really going for it!!! lol.

For dinner I did cauliflower, 3 small cheese "chips" and a slice of bread with philly on it. I bought Baby G his own cheese, as whilst I figure he can eat the mature stuff we have taste wise, it is very crumbly. I got him a medium cheddar, which seems fine. It was a different texture for him, and he seemed intrigued more than anything. He gummed the toast to death, and I even added more philly to the gummed bits, which was all sucked off!

So, we have had 2 new tastes today, and a HUGE volume. That's my boy!!!!


Mel x

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