Sunday, 19 November 2006

Green Beans

Saturday 18th November.

Organic green beans. I served these with a side order of pear left over from friday.

He gave the beans a good suck, (after I had removed the mini beans from inside) but didn't really eat any of them. He seemed quite enthusiastic about them none the less!

Supper was about 2/3 of a banana, which dh was very impressed with! He even seems to be working out how to eat the bits which squidge out from between his fingers! He still hasn't come to grips with how to get the stuff in his palm though, but Gill Rapley says this is to be expected.

On a related sunject, I have found a lady on BC who is going to interview Gill Rapley soon, and she has asked for any questions we want answering. Will have to give this a bit of thought!


Mel xx

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