Thursday, 30 November 2006

Eating out - part 2!

Thursday 30th November

It was baby cafe this morning, so I had to decide what to take for Baby G to eat there. This wasn't easy as there is no highchair so I had to try and pick things which wouldn't completely cover both of us! I settled for some sticks of cheese & a steamed carrot.

Baby G was very good and did well eating them sat on my knee, and the other mums seemed very impressed with his eating!

Lunch was a couple of dates, some avacado and some toast & philly, but he seemed quite distracted, and whilst he ate some he didn't eat as much as usual.

I went with C's mummy to the German markets in town this afternoon, and we seemed to get sucked into a time warp and lost an hour. This meant we got home late and poor Baby G was starving! I gave him some prunes for supper, and found that cutting them in half helped him eat them, in fact they went down very quickly! This should hopefully counterbalance the banana. I gave him some more cheese chunks too, and when all of this had gone I resorted to the immediately available stand by of toast & philly. He really must have been starving!

The one thing I cannot get him to do is drink water! I want him to learn to drink from his new doidy cup, which he will have a few sips from. DH bought him an avent magic cup, but he has even less idea what to do with that! If anyone should be reading this and have any ideas then please post a comment!


Mel x


Heidi said...

I figured out where our missing hour went...that trip to Starbucks! I'm sure we stopped there *after* the clock purchase.

If not, then we were abducted by aliens...

chardalmum said...

Just keep trying with the cup - he'll get the hang of it eventually. DS now drinks as much as he wants himself but does wet his front through every time. Oh well!