Tuesday, 21 November 2006


Tuesday 21st November

Seeing as Baby G survived the bad mummy Kiwi incident, I decided to press on today.

Lunch was the unusual mixture of rice cakes & hummous and a new taste of broccoli. Baby G ate the hummous, and gummed the rice cakes. He also gave the broccoli a good suck, but I am no sure of he ate any. He seemed intrigued by the texture, so I will deffo try it again.

For supper he had pears and avacado - another interesting combination. He must be in a funny mood as he hardly ate anything, and he usually loves pear. He generally threw it all over the place, and was a total pain. Bad mummy has left the bits where they are and am having a glass of wine instead of clearing up.

I am going to have to think of cooking extra at dinner and giving Baby G food the next day, as quick food at the moment isn't very easy. I guess it will be easier when he can have an increased diet next week.

Have put the link to this blog on my bc signature, so maybe I will get a few more comments. I am always up for input or comments, especially from other BLW mums!


Mel x

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