Monday, 13 November 2006

baby rice cakes

Sunday 12th November

okay, they are organic and designed for babies....but they weren't what I had in mind, they are flazoured with apple juice & cinnamon. I was going to put "stuff" onto them...but plain it is.

Dh had been despatched to get baby G something suitable, including rice cakes, when he went to get breakfast. This was the best he could do, which at 9.30 am on a sunday morning I think is pretty good. We had pastries - much better, but not suitable for day 3 really for baby G!!!

Baby G thought these were okay, but they seemed to go flying a lot, and cannot be washed when they have been thrown onto the floor. MUST go buy trays to put around high chair to catch flying food!!

DH was fine about the rice cakes till he saw the packet said not suitable until over 7 months.....I reassured him that only applied to the goo eaters! i hope i am not going mad here - v bad mummy again!

The oranges put in their second appearance iykwim - good god....what a stink. be warned!!!!


Mel x

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