Friday, 27 April 2012

2 meals out in 1 day!

Thursday 26 April

After tiny talk this morning Evie & I went into Birmingham to get more (always more!!) bias binding to finish off the 75 meters of bunting i'm making to decorate the house & garden for Evie's naming. Of course, the damn stall wasn't at the rag market so we have to go back!

I ended up shopping - eek! But had no lunch for madam with me. She started crying whilst we were still in the shops, and i passified her with half a packet of dried apricots stored in my handbag! That didn't keep her going for long so I rushed into boots in a panic! The baby food all looked minging, so we checked out the real people food! Hurrah - 2 slices of buttered malt loaf! She pretty much ate both slices, but didn't start on the pot of fruit chunks id got as back up (which G ate later!!).

We had a share of a little of my lunch in wagamama, but was mostly full from her shopping snacks!

Dh took us out for a meal in the evening, and not knowing the size of the kids pizza's at ask these days (new menu!) we ordered her a seperate one from George - it was HUGE!!! She had no hope - but did munch / drop 3 or 4 pieces!

George had chocolate ice cream for pudding - and he shared a small bit with Evie - she loved it!! Bad mummy!!


Mel x

oh no - i'm not eating that omlette!!

Wednesday 25 April,

isn't it very annoying when your baby refuses to eat something that they usually love. Evie usually can't get enough of omlettes, so for dinner we made her a mushroom, onion & ham omlette - she wouldn't even entertain it!!

Instead she screamed at it until we relented and gave her a banana - she loves bananas!! Urgh!


Mel x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Fajitas & a confirmed carnivore

Tuesday 24 April

Today starte easily enough with some toasted & buttered hot cross buns!

Lunch was some left over sweet potato & sweetcorn pancakes. I'd made them last night for dinner, and she seriously couldn't get them into her mouth quickly enough! As left overs, even with the ever present philly once again swirled over them she wasn't as keen. A few strawberries were a welcome pudding!

We actually managed a family dinner at the table this evening - dh made fajitas! I gave her a 'deconstructed' fajita - how very cheffy!!

watching her big brother whilst eating! 

going back for more after pudding!
Evie, who usually likes tomates & cheese rejected all of what was on her plate except the turkey! She kept signing 'more' as soon as she had eaten what she had!

She had 2 tubes of yoghurt afterwards - and then went back for a little more turkey!


Mel x

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Pizza Express & Pirates!

Wednesday 18 April
Breakfast wasn't newsworthy - and dh was once again in charge!
We took both kids to see The Pirates! in Derby, taking advantage of the orange wednesdays pizza express offer too. Evie had a kids dough balls (served with a mini side salad) supplemented with some of my tomate & mozerella salad and a bit of George's pizza too....she was like an eating machine!!
but still had room for a little table (bruise on full display!)
We offered pasta in a philly & spinach sauce, but she wasn't impressed - so we fell back to the old faithful of a banana!
Mel x

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chav dinner

Tuesday 17 April,

Todat has been a bit of a slapdash day food wise.

Breakfast was a scotch pancake with lemon & raisins, and some more 'O's'.

Lunch was a couple of baby bel's - and some tiger bread & butter followed by some water melon.

I bought 2 new cups for her today, we use the tommee tippee free flow cups - but Evie just pours the water out over herself. I refuse to use the any-way-up cups for all the scare mongered reasons - so am trying a straw cup and a soft teat cup. The reason - we have been very light in the nappy departent, and as she has reduced her bf's then I'm worried she is getting dehydrated. She did much better with both!

Supper, to my great shame was fish fingers (ok!) and pre-made hash browns! These are in the parent rubbish part of the freezer, not the nutritius for kids - but dh was in charge & he saw them! I was too ashamed to take a picture. This was followed by 2 tubes of yoghurt - she was signing more to dh, but he thought 2 was enough!!


Mel x


Monday 16 April

My poor baby is in the wars today! We have had to go see the doctor, as what we thought was a small teething rash suddenly flared up into a horrid rash - she looked like we had spilled boiling water on her. The Dr has prescribed a medicated cream to use twice a day, and thankfully ruled out an allergy.

We were concerned about allergies being a possibility so poor Evie had a boring food day! She started with 'O's' for breakfast - and then lunched on baby corn and asparagus spears....the latter of which were not a success!!

After her diagnosis she was allowed more, and so had a dinner of hummus with celery (she ignored!!), cucumber and breadsticks - followed by a whole banana!

You will see her other mishap - she headbutted the radiator! She is fine, but it looks awful!


Mel x
ps - damn blog won't let me upload a second picture!! no clue why - apologies!

Saturday, 14 April 2012


Saturday 14 April

so, we are at the end of the second week of Easter holidays (George has another week left!) and some routine returned in the shape of George's saturday 8.30am swimming lessons!

After Evie's 12 hr sleep though the night (halleluja!!!) she had a fine breakfast with dh of scotch pancakes! we buy the lemon & raisin ones - and I'm addicted to them!!

Lunch was a mammoth affair of a banana, a clementine, 3 chilli crackers with philly (yes, dh was in charge!!), and some canteloupe melon!! Dh was in shock as to how much she ate!!

Supper was home made pizza - but by now madam is a little grumpy & didn't match lunch times mega meal!!

DH's pizza's are the thing of legend - so how she could leave any we don't know!!

She finished her dinner with some water melon! By that time I was blogging not photographing!!

Observant readers may notice the new high chair - the old one is excellent & lasted G from 6 months till 5 years - but madam was covering it in so much food cleaning it was all I did. So we invested in the old faithful ikea chair - which on really bad days dh takes outside & hoses down with the garden hose lol!!

it's good to be back!!


Mel x